Saturday, December 20, 2014


When I first saw this recipe in Dorie Greenspan's Around My French Table, I immediately marked it as a "Must Try" recipe.  I had never made choux before, but I read recipes in different cookbooks and watched a few Youtube videos for demonstrations.  I realized that the ingredients and techniques are pretty much all the same. I most recently acquired a copy of Baking With Julia, and saw some pretty helpful hints on how to make choux, too, like making sure that your mixture of water, milk, butter, and salt are vigorous boil, and not just bubbling at the sides before adding flour to the mixture.  In the end, I was just amazed at how such simple ingredients can turn into something so fancy and delicious!

All that's needed for this are Eggs, milk, water, flour, butter, and Gruyere cheese.

Melt the butter in the milk and water along with some salt.

Add in the flour.

Mix in some eggs.

Add the cheese.

Put it in the oven, and poof! Cheese puffs!

Really light and cheesy, best eaten when it's still warm.

This recipe is definitely a keeper!

Gougères recipe on page 4 of Around My French Table.


  1. Highly ADDICTIVE! Great job on these.

  2. It's probably not as easy as you make it seem! Will you try it with a different kind of cheese?

    1. This is supposed to work with cheddar cheese, too!